Because Sometimes Writing IS the Only Way to Survive When Nobody Listens!

Please know, I express and write through many different lenses. Some of my lenses include…my Feelings Lens, Trauma Lens, White Lens, Rose Colored Lens, Process Lens, Wounded lens, Victimizer Lens, Concrete Lens (Either/Or Thinking, Feeling), Idnorant Lens, Teacher Lens, etc. How Many Lenses do you view yourself, others and your experiences through? Nothing I write is meant to be Professional Advice.

Dear Former Clients…What My Own Google Review Won’t Let me Post!

Hi Kristina here, owner of Doors Of Growth, and Former Therapist. FIRST, please know I am so grateful for ALL my former clients and their years of support and love. Since 12.22.20, Doors of Growth has been going through some traumatic growing pains, due to a slip and fall that severed my right ankle deltoid…

Rendered Disabled…12.20.2022

Today 8.29.22 8pm Phone Call 8.29.22 12pm Dear Detective- I got the sense, by you asking me if I don’t trust apple as a whole, or something more specific, and when we discussed confabulation, some doubt, and I understand your doubt, without knowing hours and hours  of history, you couldn’t not have doubt.  I want…

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